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Launch Jam

Jan 23rd - Feb 26th

Its time to get your HTML5 mobile games the exposure they deserve. In partnership with Andrzej Mazur & Enclave games and great prizes from PlayCanvas and Emanuele Feronato among others, this is a great opportunity for your game to get in front of 100M+ people from day 1.

You can hardly call it an SDK! All you have to do is add a JavaScript file, and tell the system when the win and lose states are executed. That's it! ” - Andrzej Mazur


What's happening in our neck of the woods

Game Developers

We created this platform with you in mind.  Gaming is part of everything we do.

No cost of entry

Our relationship with you is mutually beneficial. So we don't charge you a dime!

Easy Integration

Only add 3 lines of code: SDK (JS), WIN command, and LOSE command.


We guarantee your game will not be buried like in the app stores or other web platforms.

In the Know

Key statistical information that helps you maximize your game experience.

Our Team

Rowing the Boat

Kirsten Nelson

Co-founder & CEO

Oren Schindler

Co-founder & COO

Dana Deskiewicz

Creative Director

Kris Fernando

Founding CTO

Nish Fernando

VP Brand Partnerships

Jeff Aborn


Sherif Negm

Lead Backend Programmer

Vincent Shakir

Social Awareness Director

J.R. Gudger

SVP Brand Partnerships

Jimmy Joe McGurl

Director of Gaming

Amy Cain

Internship Coordinator

Hans Augustave

Digital Video Producer

Matt Hayek

Director of Video

Federico Paliotta

Lead iOS Engineer

Jimmy Choy

Lead Android Engineer

Mahmoud Hamed

MEAN Stack Developer

Mike Anthony


James Manzello

Digital Video Producer

Andrew Blair

VP Brand Partnerships

Maurice Gaynor

Jr.Android Developer

Kyle Kreoll

Lead Editor

Carolina Castro

EA Brand Partnerships

Melanie Greenwood

PR Specialist

Suheiry Rivera

Executive Assistant Gaming

Theo Rabinowitz

Educator Relations

Nicole Besen

Jr Associate Producer

Jessica Solash

Copywriter/Art Dept.

Brianna Dunn

Business Development

Kevin Kim

Senior DevOps Engineer

Gabrielle Cheng


Dakota Ticheli

Associate Producer

Kassandra Gurria Canto

Associate Producer

Nadya Bogdanova

Business Development

Mackenzie Zheng



Grow with us

• iOS/ Android Developers
• Backend Developers
• Internship Opportunities


Come along for the ride


With mobile games dominating the app stores as the most active category and reaching a $31.9 billion market value in 2016 and the top four messaging apps passing the top four social networks in monthly active users, BLUR is positioned for explosive growth.


Our patented technology will allow the user to play and share samples of mobile games without the need to download or pay by using the power of mobile messaging; becoming the platform to mobile gaming what movie trailers are to movies.


With a team that has been involved in over 15 startups from Technology to Finance and a well rounded advisory board, we have the knowledge, grit and determination to grow BLUR into a successful company.

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